Nutritional Power

We pick premium Pineapple and Mango for your vitality and nutritious, on the go snacking wherever life may take you.

Good For Your Body

Every slice is carefully dried for 18-24 hours—no sulfites or artificial sweeteners, just as it should be. We believe in the importance of a lifestyle diet where wholesome food revitalizes our bodies with energy that enhances everyday performance.

Tastier Than You Think

Our premium fruit has a dab of Organic Agave – it’s a twist of juicy, and a punch of sour and sweet—like candy with none of the bad stuff! Our fruit bites are the perfect snack or juicy topping for your yogurt, smoothie bowl, oatmeal, trail mix, or (insert idea here!). Your money back is our guarantee!

All Natural | Vegan |  Gluten Free | Guilt-Free | Non Gmo

Our Focus

We are laser focused on developing the highest quality, gourmet tropical fruit snacks that are “healthy, tasty, and delicious” so consumers do not have to face the false choice between nutrition and good taste. Our tropical fruit snacks benefit from careful formulation for the most premium, gourmet quality possible, and a loving approach to creating flavors that people will want.

So what makes us different? Our tasty pineapple snacks are made naturally, with the finest ingredients—including non gmo dried pineapple and raw agave nectar — with lots of love.



Great when you have the sweet tooth but want to eat healthier! Perfect combo

-Deon H


Earthy Creations is tasty, tangy, and totally terrific!

-Brandon S


Love love love the Ms. Sassy Pineapple!

– Carol Ann Dykes

12513771_10153322636292747_4437300590864835207_o (2)

So addicting and delicious!!

-Tali L


Tried these as a healthy alternative to my normal snack eating. Turns out, these are my new favorite snacks.

-Hugo C


Amazing! Natural and healthy snack!

-Mountain W

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